Wonderdokters die het wielrennen besmetten in plaats van te genezen.

De Engelse (Google Translate) vertaling van een Russisch interview met Denis Galimzyanov op 28 oktober 2014. (http://sport.zakon.kz/4663409-denis-galimzjanov-gotov-vernutsja-za.html)
Hij noemt verschillende (ex-)wielrenners bij naam, en wat ze voor hem betekenden. Ook Philippe Gilbert en zijn ‘wonder’jaar 2011 wordt genoemd. Geen enkele Vlaamse (of Belgische) media hebben dit opgepikt.

Wat niet weet, niet deert? Tijd om de beerput open te trekken en de stal uit te mesten. Dringend tijd. De schorsing van ex-wielerploegdokter Geert Leinders is lang niet voldoende. Pak de problemen aan bij hun oorsprong. Haal sinistere dopingartsen als Jose Taus Ibarguren uit het peloton. Haal dopingzondaars die nu ploegen leiden uit het peloton (hé Riis en Vinokourov). Pas de verdomde regels toe en ban ploegen uit de World Tour als ze meermaals renners hebben die positief testen (hé Astana, of opnieuw: Vinokourov).

Misschien is er voor Galimzyanov ook geen plaats meer in het peloton. Maar dan zeker niet voor bovengenoemde bedriegers.

Denis Galimzyanov: “Ready to go back for the pasta!”
Denis Galimzyanov

Former Olympic hope of the Russian team has to pay a fine of 200 thousand euros in the event of a return to the sport after doping disqualification

Successful return to the sport after a long disqualification Can not everyone. Especially in Russia, and especially in recent years. Positive examples can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

– My story began, and perhaps over two years ago – says Galimzyanov. – In early April, 2012, I spoke at the stage race “Sayklist Sarthe Circuit” in France. Won the first stage. Within 8 km to the finish line in the second stage was in the dam and got internal rupture of the kidney. Week in hospital a small French town. There’s also told me that three or four months I will without a bicycle. At that moment I realized that the Olympics in London do not get. A few days after returning to his native Yekaterinburg an email I received a notice from the International Cycling Union (UCI): “Your vnesorevnovatelnogo trial for March 22, gave a positive result, please contact us immediately.”

Upon learning of the positive doping sample, I immediately phoned directeur sportif “Katyusha” Dmitry Konyshev and Hans Holzer genmenedzher. Confessed to them that tried erythropoietin (EPO). It was very uncomfortable, and I seriously feared that the team can void the license. Soon promptly wrote a confession to WADA, which specified that the fault lies only on me. And so it was.

– At the time, thought about returning?

– Is not excluded. Oklemavshis little, tried to contact the president of the Russian Cycling Federation (FBR) Igor Makarov. But his aides say it’s pointless, since Makarov put me in 1.5 million euros, and I betrayed him. In the end, still managed to arrange a meeting, but when I arrived at the appointed time, it turned out that Makarov flew to London.

I offered to talk with former President Aleksander FBR Gusyatnikova adviser and leader Sergei Nikitenko. Any illusions about this conversation, I do not eat right. Just wanted to make it clear that I was going to come back. I listened, agreed that I will make a plan, and then we will get back again. Upon arriving home, I did everything as agreed. But there was no answer. People from me, to put it mildly, turned away.

– For you, it is amazing?

– How to say. Athletes live in a slightly different world. They are more trusting and naive. The last attempt to talk to someone was a year ago. After that plunged into domestic issues. I had to wriggle fur inside to feed their families, to provide her with housing. Now doing business related to construction. Although the heart and soul ache cycling. Even friends ordered form from Italy. I plan to buy a bike. No highway, of course. After all, we already October 30 centimeters of snow …

– If one of the teams will offer you a contract, ready to leave your business?

– I ask myself that question almost every day. And deep down I know the answer. Ready to go back for the pasta! In normal team the first year or two have agreed to serve for food. However, you should understand that my physical form now unsatisfactory for large sport level. It will take time to gain fitness.

– It’s a question a few months?

– It is, perhaps, about the season. And I’m mentally prepared for this.

– No more complexity?

– In addition to the two-year disqualification for me fined 200 thousand euros. This is in case I want to go back.

– Where did such a sum?

– Under the rules of UCI, if guilt is proven 100 percent, imposed a fine of 70 percent of the annual contract. Although, if I said that I have no idea where my body did this substance possibly fine would be less.

– Why not? Recognition, on the contrary, encouraged.

– In individual cases. Here Rebellin and Schumacher caught for EPO – and immediately handed over the entire chain of people involved. Humanly they did wrong, but save your money and career. I do not dispute his guilt. Just wanted to reduce the amount of the fine, because until 2012 acted on limited UCI minimum contract. And once concluded a major agreement, had this trouble.

I provided the documents that the three years of my professional performances amount of earnings barely reaches 200 thousand. In the UCI agreed to reduce the fine to 130 thousand. But the last word for the FBR and RUSADA. And in Russia, I decided to punish to the full! Maybe someone would like to show what we are ardent fighters against doping? Incidentally, the Commission was and Gusyatnikov.

– EPO you decide to buy, with no one to consult. Accustomed only to seek their own?

– All the way. I’m the kind of person who tends to a maximum. Plus, in the same year was a terrible PR campaign. Everywhere heard Galimzyanov claim to an Olympic medal. To me it is very pressed. After all, we even went to the Kremlin, shook hands with the president of the country. After that did not want to be ordinary athlete.

– How does it doping?

– In the Olympic season succeed in cycling with their work at 99 percent was unreal. For three years in the peloton, I learned a lot. At the 2011 World Cup was the 11th, and I was very upset with this result. After preparing for it, I’m five hours a day practicing with Mario Cipollini. Does absolutely the same job as the world champion. And it brought me to a place only in the second ten … So I hoped that if a little help myself drug running for centuries, then everything goes.

– And you did not realize that the EPO is detected quite easily?

– Understand perfectly. Therefore stabbed him in very small quantities, predicted breeding periods. If the ampoule was 1,000 units, then divided into five injections. Monitor trends, analyze. Remember the story when the driver Lotto team found the hormone TB-500. This trend of the Australian veterinary medicine. It is also called “equine hormone.” In that year, Lotto rider Philippe Gilbert won almost everywhere started.

In the peloton constantly rumors about new drugs that are not caught. For example, an “Haykaram” new generation of peptide hormones, drugs, EPO masking or accelerate its excretion. Or even an EPO-zeta, which can not be detected. Began to look for information about this all because of his find “preparator” I could not.

– Excuse me, who?

– Preparare Italian – prepare and allenare – train. In the Apennines “allenatore” is a person who writes the athlete training plans, and “preparator” leads the athlete in terms of pharmacology. It is not no secret. What is the phenomenon coach Michele Ferrari? He is a genius “preparator” and “allenatore” in one person. So I have to “preparator” had neither money nor connections. And these doctors have so far. Once they have become more cautious.

– In the “Katyusha” “preparator” was not?

– In the “Katyusha” were good doctors. But aside Supradin and vitamin C that sometimes appear during the competition, no drug program in the team was not. Just pay the salary, and then you had to take care of itself.

While my salary was minimal. In the first year it was about 27 thousand euros. Of these, 600 per month was spent on renting an apartment, plus utilities, food, travel, gasoline. I actually lived in a zero. In the second year UCI raise the minimum wage to 40 thousand. I did 45 000. Then I sighed. At that moment, the price tag of the normal “preparator” starts from 15 thousand euros per month. That is, the annual service cost of the doctor about 150 – 200 thousand euros. But money is not guaranteed that you will agree to work with.

– How to go to these specialists?

– The right connections. I tried to talk with Cipollini. He said that close, in Luke, his former lives “preparator”. I asked us to introduce, but he was very careful. With all due respect to the “Katyusha” and personally Makarov, who did a lot for our cycling, many, including Cipollini, regarded as the place of the Russian project to pump money. Another three or four years ago, leaving the European team in the “Katyusha” was akin to Russian roulette, so even medium sized riders had to pay the amount in 2 – 3 times the normal annual contracts for the athletes of their level.

And Erik Zabel in the eyes to read, that he knows all the schemes. But he was not the most pleasant person. In 1990 he was caught for EPO, Zabel admitted, but said that it took only once. After that, came back and was again successful. So, imagine me through the interview he said: “Dennis, you did bad. Better not to return to the sport, you have no place here.” And after a while there was a check of the old dope-tests, which are almost one hundred percent were positive. Among them was the trial Zabel. Soon, he confirmed that kept taking EPO.

– For what you’re going to come back?

– I want to speak to your health, as he had done before. I was now nothing presses. Well, I will believe that the biological passport and other anti-doping trends bear fruit. I felt myself on how seriously for three years, the average speed of the peloton fell. Although there is a certain group of people who still calls in on the Alpe d’Huez with the same agility as Lance Armstrong in the best years.

– Like the way you feel about him?

– Very good! I was lucky enough to meet him in person. This happened on my first “Tour Down Under” in Australia in 2010. In that year he returned. Our team was Robbie McEwen – a good friend Lance. And I’m always settled with Robbie. And here they are on the coast in Adelaide decided to spend a bit of a charge on the bike, as notified in facebook. As a result, huskies put about 15 thousand people! It turned out that an innocent action developed into a serious event, the organizers of the race and had to allocate a helicopter, police, television, and much more. Robbie called for charging and me.

– What is remembered Armstrong?

– He has an amazing fit, muscle structure, technique. I deliberately sat on his wheel to watch and learn. But he is a true Hollywood star! When we lived in the “Hilton”, he had his own elevator. And his group trained under police escort. That’s because he knows how to put yourself and sell. But while Lance – a great professional. He was always in a cycling town – something cool, customizable, reversible seat, changed the spikes.

– Why is it so hard debunked?

– He had many enemies. Butch started because of his disgruntled comrades – Floyd Landis and Tyler Hamilton of the same. They pursued their mercantile goals, but their support rich. Landis and Hamilton were mere puppets who were paid to them at the right time opened his mouth. But who is behind all this was in fact, we can only guess.

– You are speaking with Armstrong understood that he was taking dope?

– Of course! From the late 1990s until the mid-2000s all the polls taken illegal drugs. Someone caught someone himself admitted. This was the time. But somehow it was attacked on Armstrong. I still respect him very much. This person is able to achieve its goals. And Lance won the boys who were in similar circumstances. I can hand on the block!

– “Preparator” were all teams?

– Virtually every country had its own serious chemists and development. Strong doctors were in England, Australia and the USA. Only we, the Slavs, were people from another world. If at the beginning of this medical war us there once admitted, then later – close nagluho.Vot think about why “Katyusha”, a project with a huge funding over six years and have not brought any of the drivers in the Russian top-level? Russia has no talent? Oh, come on! Team, and there were strong guys. Here I am then, on reflection, decided to unwarranted step. Imagine that you’re playing in something, strictly follow the rules, but suddenly realize that the game is double or even triple standards. Will quietly play next?

– Believe that someday cycling is clean?

– Do you believe that Obama and the EU will say: “From now on, we Russian friends. Now the dollar and the euro will be worth the same as the ruble. Cancels all visas and to this day we are completely open to each other?” This will never happen. Most people always prevaricate. A sport has long degenerated into politics. Doping is and will be – as well as crime. Believe that cycling, which has always been a legislator health trends will be clean – funny. We have the same load crazy! Chase 11 months of the year and hope that no one will succumb to temptation, is unrealistic. And the current policy of WADA and the UCI only widens the gap between simple and racers of the elite that is admitted to the advanced preparations.

Wonderdokters die het wielrennen besmetten in plaats van te genezen.